Ballachulish Community Council
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Ballachulish Timeline

In late 2015 Ballachulish Community Association held a successful exhibition to celebrate and remember a number of local anniversaries, including the following:

  • 10 years of the Ballachulish Fireworks in the Quarry
  • 30th Anniversary of the opening of the Village Hall
  • 40th Anniversary of the opening of the Ballachulish Bridge, and cessation of the ferry service
  • 50th Anniversary of the closure of the Ballachulish Railway

A Timeline of the Ballachulish area was included within the exhibition, and is reproduced here (see menu to left) as a permanent record. Please note, however, that the information provided is not 100% accurate and we would welcome any information that will improve this document. It is hoped that the Timeline will also be available to buy as a booklet in the near future – more details to follow.

More history on certain aspects of the village and surroundings can be found elsewhere on this site. A list of books and websites for further reading is also included.

Start the Timeline – Before 1800


One thing that came up time and time again during the course of the exhibition was that the community would like a permanent home for some form of museum. The amount of information and artifacts that we drew together for a brief exhibition was amazing, and so the community will be considering acquiring a suitable site or building to make the exhibition permanent. This is obviously a long term plan, but in the short term a second exhibition was held in October 2016 and another exhibition is being planned for 2017.

Heritage Meeting

Following a Public Meeting on Sunday 13th March 2016 to discuss the possibility of setting up a heritage group to further the aim of creating a village museum, we now have a working group to progress options and ideas. More Information Here.